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Types and selection of irons

2020/9/4 8:43:47

  The electric iron is a special electric heating appliance for ironing clothes, bed sheets, woolen sweaters and other knitwear, so as to eliminate the wrinkles and achieve the flatness, straightness and finalization. Compared with taking the clothes to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning and ironing, it is more convenient and environmentally friendly to choose an electric iron for clothing processing. Therefore, it is necessary to know the types of irons and how to choose them.

  Types of irons and purchasing methods - electric irons

  At present, there are four types of electric irons on the market: ordinary type, thermostat type, steam type and steam spray type.

1、 Ordinary electric iron

  The power of ordinary household electric irons is generally 300, 400 and 500W. There is no thermostat, so the temperature can not be adjusted. When the power is turned on, the temperature will rise. In use, you can only master the temperature of ironing clothes by experience. The structure is simple and the price is cheap.

2、 Temperature regulating electric iron

  Its power specifications are 300, 500, 700, 800, 1000 W, and the temperature control range is 60-230 ℃. This kind of iron is equipped with bimetallic temperature regulating switch, which can automatically cut off the power supply when the temperature reaches the specified temperature; when the temperature is lower than the specified temperature, it will automatically turn on the power supply for heating. On the temperature control knob, there are various names of ironed fabrics. When the knob stops at a certain fabric name, the iron will control the temperature within the appropriate greenhouse range for ironing the fabric, which can adapt to nylon and synthetic fiber Ironing requirements of various kinds of fiber fabrics, such as Uygur, silk, wool, cotton, hemp, etc. The temperature regulating electric iron has good performance, easy to use, good ironing quality and slightly higher price.

3、 Steam electric iron

  Also known as air jet type electric iron, the power has 750, 1000, 1200W three kinds, can automatically adjust the temperature, the adjustment range is 60-230 ℃. This kind of electric iron can be filled with water. There are several small holes on the bottom plate. When you press the button, steam will be ejected from the holes. The heat and moisture of steam are used to strengthen the ironing effect.

Four. Steam spray iron.

  In addition to having the characteristics of the steam type electric iron, the steam sprayed electric iron has a spray hole for spraying atomized cold water in front of the handle, which is used for increasing the humidity when pressing thick cloth.

Types of irons and how to choose electric irons

  Which kind of electric iron to choose, mainly depends on the needs of the family to iron different clothes. Generally speaking, the price of the ordinary electric iron is cheap, but it can not be automatically tempered, and it is inconvenient to use. Steam type and steam spray electric iron are more powerful, but the power is large and the price is high. It is more suitable for ordinary families to choose the adjustable temperature electric iron. In power selection, the rated current of household electric energy meter should be considered. For families with 2-3a meters, it is more suitable to choose an electric iron below 500W. However, if you want to press wool and other thick fabrics frequently, you can choose a steam type and steam spray iron with larger power. No matter which kind of electric iron you choose, it is better to choose the electric iron with aluminum alloy plate as the bottom plate and tubular electric heating element as the iron core. Generally, the appearance is beautiful, the bottom plate is flat, the plating is bright, it is easy to hold, and there is no loose movement when shaking. Power on check, should not numb hands, heat evenly. If you choose a temperature regulating electric iron, you should also pay attention to whether the indicator light is bright after the power is turned on, and whether the indicator light goes out automatically when the set temperature is reached. If you choose steam or steam spray iron, you should test whether the steam and spray function is normal.

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