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Precautions for using iron

2020/9/4 8:45:37

  How to use an iron - what should I pay attention to when ironing clothes

  Master the temperature of the iron. If you use an ordinary electric iron that is not regulated in temperature, you can drop water on the bottom plate of the heated iron. You can see the change of the water drop and listen to the sound to judge the approximate temperature of the iron and determine which kind of textiles and clothing are suitable for ironing.

  1. When the temperature is within 70-100 ℃, there is no sound of boiling water, and the shape of water drops spreads slowly, and then bubbles slowly, and the sound of boiling water appears and evaporates. At this time, the temperature is not suitable for ironing clothes.

  2. When the temperature is between 120 ℃ and 140 ℃, the sound of "hissing" will be emitted, and the water droplets will immediately diffuse and form large bubbles, which will quickly evaporate. At this time, the temperature is suitable for direct ironing of nylon silk faced clothes, down jacket, nylon blended clothes, acrylic interwoven blended clothes and polypropylene fiber clothes.

  3. When the temperature is between 150 ℃ and 160 ℃, the sound of "chirp" will be emitted after the droplet is put on, and then the water droplet will roll on the bottom plate from large to small. At this time, the temperature is suitable for direct ironing of polyester clothing and wool polyester blended clothing, or direct ironing of wool clothing, or padded cloth ironing nylon, acrylic, polypropylene clothing.

  4. When the temperature is 170-190 ℃, the water drops bounce and fall on the iron. At this time, the temperature is suitable for ironing stuffy silk clothes and cotton fabrics, rayon fabrics and rayon fabrics. Can also pad dry cloth, water cloth ironing wool clothing and polyester, blended clothing.

  5. When the temperature is between 200 ℃ and 250 ℃, the water drops will splash immediately. This kind of temperature is suitable for pressing all kinds of woolen and woollen clothes with wet cloth, but don't stay at the dry part of the water cloth, so as to avoid "bright light" under the water cloth or make the wool fabric turn yellow.

How to use an iron

  Use of iron 1. When using non temperature regulating electric iron, you can turn on the power supply for ironing at a lower temperature. But in ironing, the right and left hand should be skillful, and the time should not be too long, so as to avoid the iron temperature rising rapidly. If you need to iron for a long time, you should turn off the power when the temperature is right. When ironing with the power supply on, always pay attention to the ironing effect and fabric changes, especially the color and smell of natural fiber fabrics and materials. If there is any change, the power supply should be cut off immediately. When it is found that the temperature is not enough, turn on the power supply again. When ironing with wet cloth, the temperature of the iron will drop rapidly because the water will be divided into steam. Even if the power is not turned off, there will be insufficient heat. At this time, it is necessary to slow down the ironing speed. The operation of the iron can be controlled from light to heavy, so that the water evaporation and diffusion are uniform and the temperature distribution is even. 2. When using the electric iron with temperature adjustment, you should master the ironing temperature of various fiber grades approved by the iron, because it is made according to the basic safety factor of fiber, and the uneven clothes can be ironed at this temperature. Therefore, in the ironing process, on the basis of the ironing temperature of the fiber, it can be upgraded to a higher level if necessary.

  Iron is a household electrical appliance that we often use. Only when we use the iron reasonably and use the iron in the right way, can the wrinkled clothes be leveled quickly in a limited time. We should pay attention to the matters needing attention in the use of the iron. We can't use the iron for a long time, so as to avoid the iron temperature rising rapidly.

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